At High Leap Studios, we specialize in creating engaging and immersive 2D games that capture the imagination of players. Our team of talented designers, developers, and artists combine their expertise to deliver captivating experiences that players love. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of 2D games and leveraging the latest technologies to create stunning visuals for any platforms, including mobile and PC.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new game from scratch, enhance an existing game, or create a captivating game trailer and marketing materials, our team has the skills and experience to BRING YOUR GAME TO LIFE THE WAY YOU IMAGINE IT!

Build Your Game

From conceptualization, prototyping, development, and release. High Leap Studios is dedicated to helping you make your dream game idea came to life

Build Your Fanbase

We can help you build your website, design publicity materials, player support, and manage your content calendar to keep your fans engaged


What is GameMaker

Made by YoYo Games, GameMaker is a game engine for 2D games that supports exporting to multiple platforms, with a user-friendly interface, scripting language, and a range of tools and extensions.

Why we chose GameMaker

GameMaker allows us to streamline our development process for efficient and speedy production of high-quality 2D games. This results in faster turnaround times, lower development costs, and ultimately, the delivery of exceptional gaming experiences to our clients and their players.

What are the stages of Game Development

Game Development follows a mix of waterflow and agile model. The stages of game development is as follows:

  1. Planning: This involves conceptualizing the game idea. Here, we will discuss how you want the game to be. We will create a game design document and a plan for the game’s development process so everyone will be in sync during production.
  2. Development: This is where the game takes shape. This phase includes programming, designing, and creating game assets such as graphics, audio, and game levels.
    Sometimes some mechanics don’t go well together, so we go back to step one, but this time we only focus on polishing the edges before we go back to step two!
  3. Quality Assurance (QA): This phase involves getting rid of bugs and glitches to ensure the game works correctly.
  4. Release: This is where the game gets to the hand of players. Depending on the plan, we will launch it on various platforms, such as web, computers, or mobile devices.
  5. Post-Release: This phase involves providing updates, patches, and additional content based on player feedback. To keep them engaged!


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